The Final Flourish

It’s hugely important to me that having poured so many hours into a piece of artwork, and a massive amount of care and attention, that I see the whole process through to completion, which is why I choose to mount and frame my original artwork myself.

Once the drawing is complete, I carefully measure and cut the mount board to size. The colour of the mount board, along with the frame, is in my signature style of charcoal-black board and a responsibly-sourced, UK-made, black wooden frame. The mount board is acid free. I then measure up the drawing itself in terms of working out the size of the window – it is vital to get the placement of the drawing in the mount on point, in order to support the composition. Once I have measured up, I cut the window out of the mount board.

Next, the drawing is fixed into place using professional fixings and backed onto acid free, archival standard backing board, and placed into the frame.

The frame is finished off with professional tape; D-rings are attached, a cord is tied to allow for hanging and ‘bumpers’ are added in order to promote air-flow around the back of the frame when hung on a wall. The frame is finished off with my Certificate of Authenticity to prove provenance.

You can find out more about buying an original piece of art HERE and commissioning a drawing HERE.

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