April update

Well it’s been a couple of months since I last posted and what a different place the world is now from back in February — we’ve all had a lot of adjustments to make.

In recent weeks I have been busy finishing off a gorgeous horse commission that I loved working on — you can find a time-lapse video of how I created her via my new YouTube channel. Incidentally, it would be amazing if during your visit you could subscribe to the channel and like the videos there too — it really helps a small business like mine to have the online support.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, art shows have been cancelled. I was due to show at Derbyshire Open Arts in May, so it is real shame to have to cancel it as I was looking forward to meeting many of you there. However, all is not lost … you can find many of the pieces I would have been taking with me via my new online shop. I have been beavering away in the background over the last few days giving my website a complete overhaul and I am thrilled with the result.

You can now see all of my artwork displayed in the online gallery, and undertake a bit of armchair retail therapy via my shop where you can explore a whole range of original artwork, prints, sketches and my gift range too, and to make it all even more straightforward, you can purchase what you want at the click of a button (or by dropping yours truly a quick message).

I am currently working on a jaguar drawing, which I am really enjoying. It is a large piece, at A3, so is taking quite a while to do, but it is coming on nicely so far. And I have also embellished a few of my prints in recent weeks with original wildlife drawings and added them to my shop too.

I think that brings us up to date with things as they currently stand. I have a lot planned for the coming weeks and months that I am really excited about, so I will keep you informed via my usual channels on Facebook and Instagram, and of course via this blog. Take care!

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