New folk art series launch

We are nearly into May already and I suddenly realised that I haven’t updated my blog since December last year. The time has flown by.

I have been busy over the last few months finishing off my elephant drawing, which was a real labour of love rendering all of that detail. The original of this is now available to buy along with prints from my shop. 10% is donated to the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) to help support the vital conservation work that they undertake.

I have also had a number of pet portrait commissions that I have had the pleasure to work on too this year.

However, in recent weeks I have been working on something entirely different to my usual artwork and this week has seen the launch of the first in my folk art series.

I have always been a writer in some form or other, in fact writing for me is utterly essential. Having the opportunity to combine this with my other great loves of nature and drawing is a dream come true. The idea for my folk art series has been one I have had on hold for a while now, so it is really exciting to see it coming to life, although slightly daunting as it is such a personal project.

The premise behind the series is that each one depicts an animal subject; the composition of the drawing complements an accompanying poem that I have written about the animal, which combined, represents their mystique and character – I’ve a tendency to conjure up stories in my mind about animals, based on their behaviour and characteristics.

The first in the series is the blackbird – a species I am particularly fond of and enchanted by.

The drawing and poem is available to purchase as a print from the new folk art section of my shop.

I am currently working on the next one in the series, which should be available to purchase in the next few weeks and focuses on the ever magical, brown hare.

I really hope you enjoy the folk art drawing series and many thanks for your support to date.

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