October 2021, art recap

It’s so lovely to feel the arrival of autumn. For me, this season makes the outdoors even more magical – there is always such a tangible sense of earth and change and connectedness to things. It also engenders a sense of winding down a little from the buzz and fire of spring and summer, an inclination to draw things in around you more as the day lengths shorten.

All of this makes drawing even more special at this time too. I slip into quiet and lengthy drawing sessions in the studio, accompanied by music or nature-based podcasts. A welcome feeling as I am conscious that I have not been able to produce as much work as I would have liked to in recent weeks.

Badger and red deer folk art prints

Since my last art update back in April, I have added to my folk art collection which now comprises blackbird, hare, red deer and badger. I have also completed the drawings for barn owl and otter. The poem for the barn owl drawing is also nearly complete and then it will be onto the otter poem.

On the wildlife art front, I have completed a stag beetle postcard drawing, which has been added to my wildlife print collection and I also drew the enigmatic puffin too back in July, which I just adored creating (original and prints available) and is now a particular favourite design of mine as part of my gift range.

Inspired by a visit to The Roaches in Staffordshire over summer, I am partway through a peregrine falcon drawing and can’t wait to finish this one off over the next few weeks.

On the pet portrait front, it has been a summer and autumn of cat portraits, which has been a nice complement to the run of gorgeous dog and horse portraits I had before that. I just love drawing cats – they are so effortlessly elegant.

I think that brings us up to date. As always, you can check out my day-to-day progress by following me on Facebook and Instagram, in addition to my occasional newsletter and this blog. Enjoy the season and thank you for your ongoing support.

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