I first picked up a pencil to draw in July 2015, whilst writing the second of my children’s books; I decided that my books would be more engaging if they were illustrated.  Rather than pay somebody to provide the drawings, I thought that I would have a go at it myself…the rest is history! I was totally hooked and have not been able to put my pencils away since.

Thank you – for all of your support to date, for looking through this website, for buying my artwork, commissioning me, and for the enthusiastic words that you send.

A bit more about my artwork…
Above all else, I am drawn to black and white artwork; I love the simplicity and expressiveness of its stripped-back palette.  Specialising in graphite and ink, I seek to convey detail and atmosphere in my drawings through the lines, shades and blank spaces.

I am passionate about the countryside and wildlife.  I take inspiration for my drawings from the natural world, landscapes and villages; capturing their timeless charm and heritage in a distinct monochrome form.

…p.s.  I am also a firm believer that a house isn’t quite a home without at least one four-pawed waggy-tailed inhabitant…so, you may well find amongst my artwork collections, one or two drawings of dogs sneaking in there…well, it wouldn’t be ‘me’ otherwise.

In addition to art, I have also authored two children’s books.  The first was published in 2013 and is a precursor to my current series, of which the first was published in December 2016.  I am in the process of writing the second in the series, which is due for publication in 2018.

Illustrations for the first book in the Ember Tor series can be found here.

You can find out more about the books via the following link www.embertor.com

Ecology & Writing

Finally, when I am not drawing or writing, I also run an online ecology magazine – Inside Ecology, and work as a freelance writer.