Welcome to my online gallery — I’m so excited to have you here!

In the sections below you will find examples of my artwork, divided into subject matter; so grab a cuppa, pull up a chair and take your time browsing the galleries — each piece of art has taken many hours to create and I hope you enjoy looking through them; if, after all of that perusing, you would like to visit my shop, you can do so here.

Wildlife Portraits

Welcome to my wildlife portrait gallery. If you are a lover of all things wild, you’re in good company — I’ve always had a passion for the natural world and in recent years, drawing wildlife has taken over all other subject matter. I hope to highlight the magic of each animal through my art and … Continue reading Wildlife Portraits

Animal ‘Pet’ Portraits

Welcome to my animal portrait gallery. I first began drawing animals in graphite in 2016 and quickly discovered that I loved seeing them come to life on the page. As a life-long animal lover, it is a joy to get to know them on a whole different level through my artwork and it was through … Continue reading Animal ‘Pet’ Portraits


Welcome to my illustration page, it’s great to have you here. Graphite artwork, shown in the examples below, lends itself well to printed work, such as books and packaging. Please enjoy having a scroll through the gallery (click on the images to enlarge) and if you are interested in commissioning me for a project, you … Continue reading Illustration


Welcome to my landscape gallery. This series of drawings began in July 2020 and comprise small atmospheric 4×4″ pieces. They are created with a mind to take the viewer to another place — stirring emotions, memories and imagination. I hope you enjoy looking through them. Any that are still available to purchase, can be found … Continue reading Landscapes